Monday, January 19, 2009

Taking Flight

Today is one of those strange days. Not to give you more info than you want, but I am doing one of those cleanses, and it is doing weird things to me. All day I have been almost grumpy, but not quite, almost thinking clearly, but not quite, almost happy, but not quite. I have wanted to do one for a super super long time, so if feels so good to finally be following thru. It really is wonderful. Really!
But, I haven't gotten out for a while. That is my problem. I love being at home, and so I stay home alot, but then suddenly I just really need to get out, away by myself (doesn't happen very often for SAH homeschooling moms). Tonight was one of those nights. But, I didn't have any clean pants, so it just seemed like to much work to go.
But it all turned out wonderful, I took my son's MP3 player, and went down to my laundry room, not to do laundry,(that's just silly) but to paint. I have dreamed of painting for so many years, and this is my year to do it. I know the laundry room doesn't exactly sound 'inspiring' but we don't' have a huge place, and it is the only place I could claim as mine, well, one corner of it anyways. Tonight it didn't matter how small the space, it felt like an open sky to me. I thought about a friends post on running . That is how I felt tonight.
As I was down there I also got to thinking about an email I just got. A new friend said "we are only given today ... tomorrow is not for sure, so we made the most of each day" Such a good thing for me to remember on so many levels. I thought of this wisdom as I faced my fears and painted. I painted a butterfly taking flight and thought of our move. It is so easy for me to want to figure it all out, to turn planning into anxiety. Instead, to enjoy today, to the fullest. That is such a cliche thing to say, but I love it. I love the journey. Really that is what it is all about. The destination I seek is not until I reach the other side. So this road, this day by day by day, what ever it brings, is my destination.
That's all, just a few thought rumbling around in my head.

Goodnight, sleep tight.


  1. Good words my friend and so true. I need to take your advice to enjoy each day, not look ahead. Keep painting. I'll look forward to seeing them soon.

  2. So exciting to read you painted. Here's praying you'll enjoy the process (and here's praying I will too). I'm excited for your WHOLE family, think of our kids and what they will live! Amazing, who could have thought? Honestly, not me, no matter how much faith I had, that these things would happen. Bless you today in your day.

  3. Good for you! I found your post inspiring. I also have like objectives, but I never get round to it. I've become way to lazy and this is just what I need to get going on the children's book I want to write.