Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ready to Get Into it all again

Suddenly last night, I found myself making chore charts for each of the kids, and even got creative and used markers and pictures. This is when I realized I have rested and am ready to start some normal routine again. Usually, my chore charts are a desperate measure to restore order, and look more like a harsh judgement of doom. It usually consists of larger black marker and boxes to be checked. No stars, no cute pictures to be seen anywhere. I also found myself looking up some fun new curriculum for the kids, and excited to finish off the school year. I realize it is only half way done, so I don't say that as in wanting to get to that finish line desperately, but rather, excited about how we are going to get there. Trust me, that was not my attitude just a few weeks ago.

One another note, I am off to go on a shopping trip with my 6yr old son. My children all got some Gift Certificates for Christmas, and so we are taking each child out on a special date to spend their money. Yesterday was 9 yr old daughters day, and tomorrow is 7yr old boys date (but he choose daddy). So, there he is standing at the door, calling me to go, so off I go.
The only reason I go to the mall at this time of year, is for my children. With their cute faces, anything is bearable!

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