Thursday, August 27, 2009

packing and all that stuff

I figured I should quickly give an update. We are down to 6 days until take off, and 4 days until we have to be out of here. We are doing really well, and getting lots done. We had a few 'surprises' for our visa this week, but it all went surprisingly quickly and smoothly getting it all worked out. All our furniture will be gone by tomorrow morning, and then we just have a few rooms to clean, and packing to do. Tomorrow is also one of my son's birthday, so we will be having a little beach party for him. A few more friends to meet with, a far well party at the beach with friends, and then we are done. Done Done Done.
The emotions I feel during this time is totally all over the board. I feel overwhelmingly excited for the journey we are embarking on! I am completely saddened to have to move even further away from family! I am dreading some of the good-byes that have yet to be good-byed! I can hardly wait to be done packing and cleaning! And on and on it goes. Most days feel like a roller coaster ride. And then I hear a voice say 'lift your hands in the air like this, it is funner that way'.
So I will lift my hands in the air, and enjoy the journey and all that it is right now.
And have one more coffee!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Belly laughs

A long long time ago, when hubby and I were faced with some very very hard times, we had a friend pray for belly laughs for us. You know, those times when you just laugh and laugh and laugh over the silliest, smallest things. And you giggle and even snort. Yes, those kinds of laughs.
Well, tonight, I was blessed with those. We went to have a bar-b-q with some very special friends. Friends who have become family to our family.

So, this evening, as we sat in our chairs, looking over the gorgeous landscape, I laughed and laughed and laughed. How delightful and restoring. Just what I needed. Really. All week was prepping for the garage sale, and today was sale day. Things went well, we got rid of almost everything. The house if feeling very empty, and so was I. So being with friends, enjoying a glass of red, and laughing like a silly girl was the best thing I could have asked for today.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sleeping on the floor

Funny how things work out. We started to list things like our beds, couch etc just last week. We were trying to find the balance of listing them long enough to have time to sell, but not too long before. Well, with in days of listing our major furniture, everything sold, and everybody wanted it immediately. In fact, someone offered us more than we asked for our couch and chair set! So, this weekend we will have no table and chairs, no living room furniture, no beds except the bunk bed. We will all take turns rotating from the foamy on the floor, to the bunk bed. We laughed this morning as we realized how empty the house will be after this weekend. Should making cleaning easier I figure. And really, who cares



Just adds to the grand adventure. And as my hubby put it, the less stress we have for the last few weeks, the better. Yup, agreed.

So here goes to eating and sleeping on the floor for a few weeks.

Monday, August 10, 2009

We have a date

Well, most of you already know, but I must put it here as well. We finally have our tickets. Sept. 2. Wow!! Really, that is all I can say. I didn't freak out like I thought I would. It actually took a few days to set in. Okay, one day, but still. It was so so so so so so so so so so so so so so nice yesterday when people asked that I could say

"Sept 2, 8:00am"

rather than

"well, um, yeah well, we hope to be flying out the first week of Sept. No, No, we don't have our tickets yet. No No we don't have our visa yet. blah blah blah"

yep, it is official. They are bought and sitting in an extremely safe place. But ya know, I still go and check on them every few hours.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Happy Birthday my Double digit girl

Today is my dear daughter's Birthday. Today she turn's 10. 10 it seems is very very big. She could hardly fall asleep last night as she was far to excited to FINALLY be 10. "Not all my friends are 10 already, but most of them" she informed me.

Oh my girl, you bring such life to this home. You keep us focused on the things that matter. You challenge us to see things in a new way. I love you for that! I love your heart to serve and bless others. I love your honesty about how your heart is feeling. You have been created with a strong will and I bless that as I know there will be a great purpose in that! So often I wish you would stay small, but, then I can hardly wait to see your life unfold! The choices you will make! I love you sweet heart! Happy Birthday my love!!!

Jumping off the deep end

Things are picking up pace in the Koop household. The duplex that we rent recently sold, and our rent was going to be going up significantly, also, the new land lord was needing a complete months notice given on the first of a month,, we gave our notice for Sept. 1. No, we still do not have a date, so as my hubby so aptly put it, there are times when we feel like we are diving into a pool but not feeling 100% sure that there is water in it. Hmmmmmmm, sounds like a perfect set up for some character building and sssssttttrechhhhing! It does feel awesome to be making substantial steps to getting us gone tho. We have already sold alot, and will be having our major, sell everything on August 15, so come one, come all, buy our stuff, all reasonable offers accepted.

Hubbby and I are both struggling with focusing on every day tasks. Hubby was going to be working till the 14, but it is looking like he will need to work until the 21 now. Those bills and expenses forgot to take a summer holiday this year. We both find that hard. We wish he could just be at home, and we could be packing and sorting together, but that is not how things are working out for us.
The kids are doing alright. They of course are feeling the loss of somethings already, and ask daily if we know when we are going yet. But it has been amazing to see them sharing our journey with friends and strangers. They love to tell people that we are moving to Hong Kong, and when people ask them why we are moving, the very very quickly reply 'God told us to'. Seeing people's reactions is fun, but it is priceless being able to watch my children's journey of thier trust in the Father being strengthened through this. They have all heard for themselves the call for us to go, and we couldn't be more thank-ful for that.

And are two pictures of the recent forest fires that have been burning in Kelowna, and making so smoky that for days on end, we can hardly see the mountains surrounding us.

Night view from the day it exploded for the second time (this was NOT taken from our front door)

The view of the smoke from our front door