Monday, July 27, 2009

Last minute check ups

The time has come to get the kids in for dentists and eye appointments and all that stuff. Yes I know, I could have been on this a few months ago, but those of you who really know me won't even bother reminding me of that. So 3 kids to the dentist, two were told
"my oh my, you have perfect teeth!!! You have been brushing them so well, and flossing too I can see". Well, they can't really see cause if they knew how often I forget to tell my kids to floss they would realize they didn't know.

Then the third. The whispering, the quiet number writing in obscure codes. The hmmmm, ahhhh, yes yes.
Then it comes. The talk with the mom. Much work, much needs fixing, much much money needs to be spent at the dentist. I mean, wow, that little itty bitty stuff of white that they put on kids teeth, must be rare or something or the amount of money it costs. Oh yah, and a tooth extraction, now doesn't that sound like fun. But the lucky little stinker won't remember a thing. It is called drugs. The legal kind. So now it is on to the specialist, and many phone calls to the insurance company, and, praying that we can get in before we go.

Yup, okay, maybe I shoulda done this a few months ago.

Friday, July 24, 2009

To sleep, perchance to dream

so there I was, suddenly in China. It had happened so quickly I had not even had time to finish packing the house up properly or say good-bye to everyone. As I sat in an unknown school, meeting new wonderful people, I sat in amazement at how suddenly we were where we had waited and waited to be.
those darn mosquito's were so bothersome. We all had tonne's of mosquito bites, and they were so very very itchy. And they kept buzzing around my ears. buzzing and buzzing and buzzing. I kept thinking, why had I not bought that mosquito repellent before we got to China. I had it on my list of things to buy and bring along, but it had all happened so quickly, I had not gotten around to it. Dangit!

and the buzzing, in my ears again and again and again how can I make it stop.

no I am not in China yet.

No I did not have pizza last night.

Note to self. Ask Landlord for screens on the windows!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Smokey days

The last few days of living in the central Okanagan has been strange. In one day, 3 forest fires broke out, and two of them dangerously close to residential, causing thousands of evacuations. The fires were far from our home, but concern for friends and their homes is real, and it is a rather strange feeling to have your vehicle covered in ash falling from the sky. It has also been strange to remember how last time our city had major forest fires was the year we first moved to China, and now they happen again the same year we are moving. Things that make you go hm.....

I have not been here for a while. There really has not been much to post about. My thoughts every day are
"I should pack

But we don't know exactly when we are going yet

Yes, but you could be all the more prepared and keep packing

Yes I could, but it is hot and I don't feel like it

But you still should

I know I should,,,but......

Tomorrow, tomorrow i will pack

Maybe, but it sure would be nice to have those tickets

Maybe I am going crazy

Well, you are talking to yourself......."

and so on.

We had a luncheon at our place of fellowship on sunday as a farwell to us going. wow. I am still processing that. We felt so blessed and honored. Hard to take in all that was spoken over - to us. I think the greatest honor was people saying how our lives had encouraged them. My heart cry has always been that my life, not my words, or my deeds, but my life would be a witness to others of our fathers amazing work in my life. My every day walk of highs and lows. Our journey. So, to have others say that it has leaves me speechless. Also, to know that we are going with the support of many is a treasure we don't hold lightly. Last time we went, our support system was thin. Hubby and I stand back in amazement at how he has created a community of friends around us. Organic relationships. Life. Makes it harder and easier to go.

But my thoughts have been on 'his' perfect timing. Not my timing, or my thinking I know the right timing, but truly waiting for his. This has been a major lesson we have been learning in these last five years. And I was thinking of how we could have gone ahead, and forged our own way to China. But what we would have missed out on. Living a life of waiting for his words of life. Walking knowing that I am exactly where he wants me to be, even when the wind blows hard, or the sun feels too hot. He is my rock and strong tower that can never be shaken. For that I am thank-ful.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The life of a Local

I live in a resort town. There are some tricks a person learns to survive living in a place where everyone else comes for holidays. Our small city is placed right on a lake, and there are a few other beautiful lakes with in an hours driving distance. So summer can get a little crazy. And the beaches can get very very full. We spend a lot of time like everyone at the beach on hot summer days, but there are a few survival skills we have learned.

One thing is that we have sought out the not as well known beaches. For those days when you just don't want to be in a huge group of people this is wonderful secret.

The second is that most of the tourists spend all day out in the hot sun, then go home for supper and the evening. We go to the beach when everyone else is going home. It is perfect. The beaches are quieter, the air is cooler, and it feels so good to cool off before coming home to bed. Everyone sleeps so much better. And the amazing sunsets we have seen.
Here let me share some photo's.

Enjoy your summer, wherever you are.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Yesterday was interesting day.

Hubby only had half a day of work. So we were getting some stuff done in the afternoon. Well, actually I was totally lost in a book called "Father to the Fatherless The Charles Mulli Story" by Paul.H.Boge. A man who started Mully Children's Family Orphanage in Kenya. Wow, what an amazing book. Truly, I couldn't put it down. Honestly I didn't really try that hard. We all ate, the dishes got done, and even a load of laundry got put in. That sounds like a successful day to me.

Anyways, we were taking some documents to be photocopied. Somehow, these documents slipped out and were lost in the parking lot, a large parking lot. These are the kind of documents that could do a lot of damage if fallen into the wrong hands. They were no where to be seen. By grace, I had a strong assurance that we would get them back. We went out for a family bike ride in the evening, trying hard to not be stressed and upset. Wouldn't you know it, when we returned there was a message waiting that they had been found and we could go and pick them up.
Holy Shmoly!
That is one of those moments that you know that you know that you know that Dad is watching out for you, "he has your back" as the saying goes. We are feeling so thank-ful.
Another story for our books. You know, that book that you read when you feel things are falling down around you and you have no idea how it is going to work out. Well, maybe you don't ever feel that way, but I sure do, and it is so so so so good to

And, it felt so good to have those documents back in my pockets again!

Here is a shot from the Canada Day fireworks show. It was a pretty great show for our small city. The kids asked if we could have our own fireworks show next year to help Hong Kong celebrate Canada Day!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Oh, how fickle the mind

On the weekend we got some great news from our contact in Hong Kong. We were told to anticipate being in HK by mid August. Words can't tell how wonderful that was to hear. Like a yummy piece of fruit on a hot day, juicy to quench the dryness, yet oh so tasty and sweet.
With this also comes the reality. Yesterday I began to think of the good-byes, and the adjustments that will have to happen etc etc. So strange to feel so excited and yet..........I can't think of the word. I know the many emotions and changes that are coming.
Yesterday there was an ugly voice that started off very quiet. So quiet that I didn't realize I was hearing it, let alone listening. Then half way through the day I yelled at one of my children over something very small, and realized my heart was not all right. Then that ugly small voice got loud. Yet, as it usually goes, I still didn't realize yet that I was listening to it. I began to fear that I wasn't enough. I didn't have what it took to walk this all out, I wouldn't be enough to be a good parent, let alone a homeschooling parent, I would never be able to learn the language, me and the children wouldn't make new friends, and on and on and on. YUCK. In the evening my dear hubby asked how I was doing. As I began to tell him what was on my mind, it was only then that I realized the voice that I was listening to. I saw it for its ugliness. He helped me remember and see the truth. What a blessing to walk this road side by side with him.
I have been thinking about this voice today, and I may be wrong but I think a lot of people hear this voice. Is it wrong, is it truth? That is what we need to decided, that is what I need to decide. Of course it is easy to say it is false, but why, how. Today I will spend my time going to the Truth who tells me the truth. That is what I do know. I will remember all the roads we have walked along together, remembering. I am so thankful for my heavenly Father. Today I will listen for his voice. For his is the one I am willing to bet my life on. On him I will throw my dreams and hopes. Today I will remember that I am a daughter of the King.

I have been reading this amazing book called Taking Flight by Kelly Rae Roberts. This book has already been a huge inspiration for my painting and creativity, but it is also rather timely for us leaving as well.

To sum it all up, it is about letting go and enjoying the journey. Not only enjoying the journey, but embracing the journey.
I will leave you with one quote from the book.

"What in your life is calling you? When all the noise is silenced, the meetings adjourned, the lists laid aside.....what still pulls on your soul?"
Terma Collective