Monday, January 5, 2009


So yesterday was one of those days I will remember for quite awhile. Everything was actually pretty average, but I think that is when the memorable happens the most, like ice down your neck on a hot day. Our oldest son who is seven years old was telling us about a bad dream that he had had the night before which unfortunately is a fairly common occurrence. This time though it wasn't sharks or bad guys, it was jewels, lots of jewels. Now I don't know about you but when I heard that I was instantly intrigued as to what was so scary about jewels, especially lots of them. So we asked him," What was so scary about jewels??" He said he was a little embarrassed to tell us so we pressed him a bit and he finally told us. He said that the jewels were scary to him because he knew that they could turn his attention away from God. SHUT UP!!!! That is so cool and I was so blessed to hear this. To me that is a jewel I will keep and it will remind me to not grow weary in training and instructing or in praying for our kids. God is SO GOOD!!!