Thursday, January 15, 2009

Anne with an E

I count myself as a true Canadian, and as true Canadian, I grew up having a crush on Mr. Gilbert Blythe. Yes, its true. I always secretly wished to be called Gilbert, and break my writing slate on his head. For those of you who may not know yet what it is I am referring to, it is the classic 'Anne of Green Gables' movie. My sis bought me the entire collection last year. The complete series! Not just the first two, but all three movies! Wow.

So the most exciting thing has happened this year, my daughter loves to watch it just as much as me. Every few months we go into 'Anne mode' and any chance we get, we go and get a dose of the dramatics.

So, while father and one son went to a hockey game the other night, we started another of our marathons. We curled up under a big cozy blanket and swooned together. Laughing, crying, giggling, it was the best.

Tonight, we couldn't help but be drawn back for some more. And this time only hubby resisted the draw. Both my boys, crawled into coziness with us, and giggled and covered our eyes as Diana drank too much Rasberry Cordial, and squealed as Anne scooped the mouse from the pudding.

Then, something happened. My heart swelled. Okay, it almost exploded. This is the kind of moments I dreamt about for so many years, before I had my own children (it was all I ever wanted when I grew up).

My sweet daughter started telling me how much she looked like Anne. "Other than the fact that Anne has red hair, I really look a lot like her, don't I mom?". Of course, I whole heartedly agreed.

Then she looked at me, and said that I would be Marilla. But upon taking a second look, she tilted her head just a little and said

"Actually mom, even though your hair is a little lighter, you look almost exactly like Diana"

No, the fact that my daughter thinks I look like a 14yr old actress didn't excite me!

My daughter was not looking at my appearance, she was seeing my heart, she was feeling my heart beside her's. She was seeing me as her bosom buddy, as her kindred spirit.

I love you girl. I love that you see my heart! You are my teacher of Grace - as promised!



  1. i have to comment, my dear chris --hmmm diana and anne(without the red!) there is something in that. my daughter text msged me at work the other day. she is moving back to town--just a few miles away. she said we will be close enough now for dinner parties! now we're alot more like kidman and zellwger in 'cold mountain' than diana and anne--not sure which of us is which, but more like two women with strong hearts ready and willing to go to battle, than we are dinner party pals. she loves tea, and like you, i love a good cup of coffee. but the thought of cuddling up together for a cup of anything, and a good movie makes my heart swell. and to think that she is also looking forward to it, is something i never thought would return this quickly. and yeah! my hearts about ready to explode!
    keep up the good thoughts--they go down well on this cyber paper--love ya-di

  2. Although Anne of Green Gables is one of my favourite stories of all time, none of my girls share exactly the same view. The kindred spirit, however, exists in each one of them in different ways. I love how totally unalike my daughters are, and yet how completely the same in the fact that we know each others' hearts.