Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Funny how life is so the same, but oh so different. I wake up and have coffee and breakfast while the kids gather themselves for the day. We get ready to do school most days, the same. We eat lunch, the same. We try to keep the house clean, the same. We love cookies and fruit, the same. We learn, the kids fight, they make up, we laugh, we love, all the same.

But as I walk into town to get my groceries for the day, I hear the sound of mah jong being played from an empty window. This is a familiar sound that is never far away, and I often peer into an half opened door way to a game being played in a tiny living room and the laughter and singsong of cantonese spilling out onto the street. Not the same. We pass the temple and smell the freshly lit incense and have another discussion of why people worship a dead god with the kids. Not the same. We chase the wild dogs away from following us. Not the same. We see the many many small shrines on people's front steps with incense and fruit offerings. Not the same. We pass people who's faces have become familiar but we have no ability to say anything beyond 'jo shan' (good morning). Not the same. We pass the fisherman bringing in the fresh catch to be sold to the stalls we walk past every day. Not the same. I carry my groceries home in a red pull cart like most other people. Not the same.

Some days like today I am struck by how the 'not the same' as becoming the same. I love that.

Monday, January 25, 2010

a dog, a door, and bugs

Nope, not bugs that crawl on the ground, (thank goodness!!!!) but tummy bugs, runny nose bugs, cough bugs, those ones. We have had our share. Everyone says how long it can take to get used to the new place in terms of health, and that sure is true. It seems we always have someone down with something. Sometimes not too serious, other times spending a few days in bed. On the days that we spend in bed, our little place feels even littler and that leads me to the next thing.

The door. Our door. A door for the house. The front door has been ordered. It should be delivered in about 2 weeks. Then Brad just has to build the frame for it, and we should be able to move in. Sometime before then, the cook top should be installed. I was hoping for a gas cooktop, but it looks like I will be getting a electric one. Trust me, I am completely thank-ful for what ever it is. Brad will be getting the security bars installed (not a sign of a bad neighborhood, but the normal thing), putting in the doors, I will be making an Ikea run this week to purchase window coverings, and then walla........we should be able to move in.
Yes I say 'should' because at this point I hold all deadlines for moving in VERY loosely!

And lastly, the dog. Our BB. He is sweet and kind and lovely and has us all wrapped around his little paw already. And I like thinking of us as 'a family with a dog'. Not sure why, but it just feels good. And just to let you know, we will also have another pet soon. Well, actually about 3. No, actually, about 6. You will just have to stayed tuned for more details to come.

And again, please remember to pray for our sweet little friend Sarah who is bravely battling leukemia. You can follow her story here and please if you can, donate to them as well. The costs are quickly accumulating. Even simple things like the daily cost of hospital parking, meals, toll booths, gas, let alone the cost of hospital bills all add up very very quickly, and the last thing they need during this time is to be under financial stress. Reading the blog brings tears to my eyes about how brave Sarah is and all that they face daily on this journey!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


May I introduce to you Sarah.

She is a wonderful special girl that we have grown to love in our short time here in Hong Kong.

Last week she was diagnosed with B Acute Leukemia.

Literally, last week monday she had a fever and flu symptoms, this Monday she started her first intensive chemo treatment.

They were going to try and go home to the US for treatment, but the Dr.'s advised against it. So they are here for the first 5 weeks intensive treatment, then they will re-evaluate from there.

If you are the praying kind, please remember to lift up this family!

Here is the link to their blog where you can get a glimpse into this journey they are on.

My children have been greatly affected by this, and we have daily discussions on how life is for Sarah and what she is all going through. We have had many opportunities to come alongside this family, and will do all we can to help in the future.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Quote of the Day

We have discovered that our dog has a bit of an obsession with bread. We new the old owners gave him bread for a treat, but......well, just read on.

As I have said there are many bakeries in town, and so it is very common to see people carrying small white or red plastic bags that are carrying fresh baking (or fish from the market....but anyways). We have learned quickly that we need to keep BB very close when we walk thru town so he isn't sniffing everyone's bags.

Yesterday as me and the kids sat at the beach having a bun, BB literally jumped and snatched a whole bun out of my hand before I even knew what was happening.

Today, I gave the kids some change to get a pineapple bun (it doesn't have pineapple in it, and doesn't even taste like pineapple....but again anyways) while I ran in to get some groceries. Suddenly Sam runs in to tell me that BB snatched Feshya's bun out of her hands.

I gave Feshya money to go and get another one, and low and behold,when she was about 3/4 thru, once again, BB snatched that freshly baked goodness right outta her hand.

This time she was not only mad, but extremely sad that this dog that she has lavished her love upon so freely would be so mean to her.

Her response just about had me rolling down the alley way.

Thru tears she says to me

"BB is the devil mom, he is the devil!!!!"

The did make their peace a few minutes later. But, I was still laughing!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Our new addition

May I please introduce you to our newest family member BB.

We have never lived in a place that allowed dogs before. When we found out that we would be living in a house with a yard here in HK, we promised Feshya that she could finally get a dog. She has pined for one for so very long.
About a month ago we heard of a couple here on the island that were moving to HK and were looking for a new home for their Golden Retriever. I had hoped that we would be in the house by then, but as we all know, that hasn't exactly work out.
So yesterday was the day that we picked him up, the picture above is taken just before we took him home.
I think it is obvious to see Feshya's pure excitement. She has literally dreamed of this day for years.

Our first days have been a bit of an adventure. The plan was to leave him outside for night, and then bring him to the new house during the day to run around. The yard is completely fenced in so it is perfect.

Well, it decided to rain all day. There is no place to tie him up with shelter where we are currently. And with it rainy, we couldn't go and spend the day at the new place in the yard. Sooooo, BB ended up spending half the day inside our current one room house! A few walks to town tired him out enough that he was pretty mellow and stayed in the corner without too much coaxing.

The house is a bit smellier (you know, that lovely wet dog smell).

But I really don't think I have the words to share the sweetness of our day. I saw my little girls heart grow, and heal. BB got more love and hugs and kisses and care than he even knew what to do with.

It was good!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Somewhere over the rainbow...

So cliche I know, but as I sit here in the quiet house, the kidlets are asleep, dishes are done, and jammies are on, I am listening to "over the rainbow" by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole. What lovely song. This is one song I can put on repeat and just melt into it. Beautifully simplistic.

But the rainbow. That is what I remembered today. The promise. The hope. Brad was at the house the other day, feeling frustrated over 'house issues'. Then he looked out and there was a rainbow. So simple. Such an easy thing to passively admire. But as he looked at the colorful display, he was reminded of the promise.


I think that shall be my word this year.


My promise of being here in Asia is a large part, yet a small part.

He breathed things into my being, and so often I doubt if they are still there, or if I am an able carrier of heavenly things. But then I see a rainbow and am reminded of who made the promise.

Too often as of late I have wanted to have it all together. Have it all figured. Then I feel like a failure when it isn't.

Do you ever feel like that? Do you whisper to the night of how you feel alone? I know I do.

The kids and I have been listening to Chronicles of Narnia lately, we finished The Magician's Nephew. Pure splendidness!!!
Today I listened of the simple taxi horse Strawberry becoming a winged horse in Narnia. That is Aslan's way. To take something so simple, and make it glorious.

Today I was reminded of that. I am simple, and cracked, and all together not put together.

Tonight I feel him roar over me, shattering the lies that have come and tried to make place.
He is reminding me!
Calling me!
Pulling me in!
Releasing me out!
Reminding me to trust!
Whispering of the promise in the deep places!

Ahhhhh, I think I shall go and rest there.


Friday, January 1, 2010

The same.....yet oh so different

As you know we lived in Shanghai 5 yrs ago. What an incredible thrill ride that was! Crazy, but so fun, and short. 6 months (hubby 7 months).

We are going into our 5th month here. It has flown by. But it has a completely different feeling knowing that last time I was starting to think of returning home, and now, I feel like I have barely begun to settle.
That is a good thing, because we know this time it is longer term. It makes so much sense that our feeling of being settled has really just begun. I know that once we move into our other house that the feeling of being settled will hugely increase. I am desperate for that.
I have been struggling with getting enough homeschooling done. My mind has been busy fighting off feelings of failing. When I look at the logistics of schooling in our room here, I understand why it is more of a 'bare bones' than a full on learning experience, but still. The voices can be so ugly, and laced with truth.
Shanghai was just so easy really. And this time it is harder.

I have been pondering this.

I have been crying out to the One who sent us here. When my mind is so busy, it becomes difficult to hear his voice. But I need to hear his voice so desperately. I need his direction, because left on my own, my way becomes confused quickly.
The kids and I discuss His call for us to come here. We talk about holding onto that. Not because being here is our salvation, but because the Voice that called us, is our only firm footing in this life. Without hearing his voice I am lost. That is a sure thing.
So tonight, I am crying out to him to help find my rest in him and him alone. I know that when I am at rest in Who HE is, than all my other questions are answered.

Too be content in nothing by the sweetness of His love!