Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Champagne in my tummy

No I haven't been drinking, but there are these bubbles bubbling way in me. I am pretty sure it is excitement, yep, I am sure.

A few days ago we found out some more possibilities about what our lives will look like in Hong Kong. We found out that we will most likely be living in a house. That is a completely unexpected bit. There was no other thought than that we would live in an apartment. Now, we were warned that it needs some reno's, so we are not sure exactly what shape the house is in, but I am okay with that. Then we were sent a picture, well, it is technically a picture, but all it shows is a a few windows and stairs.

The excitement bubbling in me isn't because I found out it is a house. Anyone who knows me a bit, knows I am a home body. I love my home. Not my house, but my home. I love my life of being a homeschooling mom. Why, because it has my two favorite words in it, home and mom. (the schooling part is just a huge dose of icing on top)

So, to see just a tiny sliver of what our lives will hold, makes everything just that much more real, bringing the dream just a little closer.

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  1. This is great news! Thank God you have a handy husband, so reno work shouldn't be a show-stopper.