Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Me and my many thoughts of today

First I couldn't get onto blogger for days, and just now I lost my post. I was in the process of telling you what a fabulous day I am having, and so, I am not going to let this take that away. I will just go and make a cup of coffee instead. I am positive, a great cup of coffee fixes just about anything! Well, in my world anyways. hehe

So the one other thing I was telling you was about a performer Cheryl Bear I had the great privilege and honor of meeting and hearing perform. Amazing. We bought one of her CD's and it is all my children will listen to. They are a family of 5, living in an RV ( and not one of those apartment on wheels kind), with the goal of visiting every First Nations community in Canada. I love that kind of stuff. I love it when I see people willing to take the hard road, because I know that the hard roads are paved with amazing gems. Check her out.

This week we had a fundraiser/information night about our move to Hong Kong. It turned out great. We barely fit in the room, but that was fine. The kids were loud, but I loved that. But I am so glad it is over. It is one of those times when you see a bit more of yourself. On the way home, I told my hubby that I laugh at myself for being so quirky. Earlier in the week, we were at an event and I really put myself out there, and loved it. But, then I was at our info night, and all I wanted to do was sit in the back with a few friends and chat. I hated having to be in front, and so I let my hubby do most of the talking (he did a fabulous job too). Anyways, I like it when I see things like this about myself, because I feel freer to be who I am, but also push myself to get out of my comfort zone as well. See, moving my family overseas doesn't really freak me out too much, but planning an event like this can completely raise my stress level. Okay, enough "Dr Phil takes a look at Cristal" talk.

I have to share what I am so totally excited about. My wonderful, amazing, beautiful (had to throw that in) sisters have booked a special get-away for just the three of us. No families, just us sis'. Our mom passed away years ago. I think most sisters are naturally close, but ours is a bit of a special bond because of that loss. We have never ever done anything like before, and booked the whole thing in just a few hours. It was one of the craziest, but funniest things I have ever done. And we don't even go for a few weeks yet. See, we don't' actually live in the same city, not even in the same province. We actually live in 3 different provinces. It truly is amazing what can be accomplished with the internet, long distance calling and skype!

So, I am now in the need for a really good book. I do this every few weeks or months. When my husband sees my starting a book, he usually tells me to have a good journey and he will see me in a few days. Once I start, I can't stop. I have to read until it is done. The house falls apart, everyone is looking for clean undies, but I read on. I usually even dream about the characters, and think about them for days, wondering how the rest of thier lives turn out, and deal with the dissapointment of not knowing for sure. So, if anyone wants to throw out a suggestion, I am all ears. The last one I read was "A Thousand Splendid Suns" by Khaled Hosseini (Kite Runner). Wow, amazing. Exactly the kind of book I love. A book about someone who could be real, about a culture that I don't know that much about.

Okay, my kids are begging me to go and play outside, so out I go.

I wish everyone a day of finding the gems in thier road.

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