Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's not easy being green

I have a confession.
I have a deep love for the color green.
I don't know where it came from, and not even sure when it really started, but I am drawn to this color in a rather strange way. Maybe it is because it draws out my green eye color that I love, maybe, but who really knows. I recently filled out a survey on facebook (yes, I did join the ranks of facebookers after all my cries of never), and it was write 25 things about yourself. I think I wrote in there at least twice that I love the color green. My sister called me from three provinces away just to point out that it was a little odd.
Then the next day I had an almost complete stranger that I see on a regular basis (we pass one another dropping our girls of at school twice a week) come up to me and comment on how much I must love the color green.

I have these two green sweaters. So I wear them.........alot.

Then two days later, I had another mom comment on my love for green as she tried not to stare at my green shoes.
Those wonderful green shoes are one of many gifts I have been given because the giver knew of my deep love of green. I get so many compliments on these shoes. (thanks Lisa)

All these comments in such a short period of time was starting to get a little strange, and I thought perhaps I should start to feel a little more self-conscious about my love of this fabulous hue.

Those wonderful green shoes are one of many gifts I have been given because the giver knew of my deep love of green. I get so many compliments on these shoes. (thanks Lisa)

Once a friend was coming over and gave me a dish cloth because.....well you probably guessed it....it was green. I loved that, I thought it was so amazingly spectacular, and didn't use if for the longest time because it didn't want it to get dirty and stinky as all dish clothes do.

I have been given a bowl, because it had green rings around it, and I see it everyday and think of that friend too (Jenine, you knew)

Last year for my birthday, my hubby was in China. So my very vonderful friend took my children to buy me some gifts. They knew me perfectly. A green sweater, a huge cozy green blanket, and some chocolate. (no the chocolate wasn't green hehe) (Carrie -that was the best)

I was given a necklace that women in Africa make out of recycled paper, and yes it is green.

Right now I am sad, because my favorite necklace, green glass beads, is missing in action. My world is just not right with out it.

Oh the list could go on.

After thinking this all thru, here was my conclusion. Some people are known for their amazing singing, some people for their great cheesecakes.

Me, well, every time you see green, think of me. Those green sweaters and blankets have wrapped me in a happy coziness during this long cloudy winter. Those shoes, I will wear them, and love the spring the bring to my step. My fruit tastes better out of a bowl with green rings, and my dishes are cleaner because of the green cloth. I feel like a superhero when I were my green necklaces.

No, I will not be ashamed.

I admit.

I love green!


  1. Ah, this explains the green blog background! Crissie, you are a wonder and I am loving getting to know the adult version of the kid I used to know so well. I love you tons and tons!

  2. I think green is an excellent colour. God chose it for trees and they cover the earth. He is God after all, He could of made them blue.