Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I don't know what it is with this month. I have tried to enjoy it, maybe even love it, but it just ain't workin for me. I am cold, chilled, right to my core. I am wondering if it is healthy how many cups of tea and coffee I consume in a day just to try and stay warm. Most days I just want to crawl under my coziest of blankets and have a nice long nap, then make a great cup of coffee and read a book. That doesn't work too well when I am supposed to be educating my children, and making sure we all have clean clothes and unmentionables to wear. I do realize I live in one of the 'warm' pockets of this vast country of ours when it comes to winter. I really do have so much respect for my family who continue to brave those nasty prairie winters. Really, you get the prize. The one thing I am jealous of is the beautiful sunshine you get even when it is minus a zillion degrees. So, tomorrow I will make pink heart cookies with my children for Valentines day. We will call it math, reading, and health class. (oh how I love the homeschooling life) Maybe that is why someone decided to put Valentines in one of the dreariest months of the year. To give us something to celebrate - Love! And really, what could possibly be better to celebrate than Love. Then we will all crawl under big cozy blanket together and eat those sugary heart cookies together!

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