Saturday, February 21, 2009

Girlie Girls

Last night I was invited to a pajama party. There was going to be movies, and chocolate fondue and lotsa fruit. Hmmm, fun, not fun, fun, not fun. Couldn't quite decide. I am not always a 'women's event' kind of person. But, a friend called and said she would go if I would go, so off we went. Plus, with being house bound for more days than is safe, I decided it was in everyone's best interest for me to get out. And it was also in my mind that one of the things I missed the most last time we lived overseas was friends to just hang out with, so why not enjoy an opportunity while I have it. My husband was super amazing as well. It was his birthday yesterday, and he had a major project to get prepared for school today, so I felt bad going, but he said it was fine.
I think he secretly he knew it was in his best interest to get me out!!hehe
I had a blast. It was great to catch up with some old friends while sitting in front of a fireplace. I love fireplaces.
At one point I saw a person whom I don't really know, but wanted to say hi to. A "hi" turned into an hour long conversation. It was such a gift. I love when you talk to someone that it would appear you don't have a lot in common, but as you share a part of your journey, you connect. You understand, and you see in their response that they are connecting as well. It is like a surprise gift. And it isn't just that I was understand, but the feeling of giving someone else the sense of being heard, understood, blessed. Valuing who they are in their journey, without trying to fix it.Even today, the sweetness of feeling understood and embraced remains with me.

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