Friday, February 13, 2009


Hi mom. I miss you so. Today I thought of you. Wondered how lovely it must be where you are. How is heaven anyways? Me and the kids often talk of what you might be doing and how wonderful it will be when they can finally see you. And they really want to know what you are seeing and hearing there. I tell them how you made the best bread and buns. How often I came home after school and you would slice that warm bread and put some butter and jam on it and how of course the jam was homemade too. Every time we go to Sears I tell them of our shopping there. I tell them how much you would have loved them. Then I secretly wonder to myself how it would be for you to be here. Especially on those days when I just want to go home. I want to go where I can sit and my kids can behave in all the ways I tell them not too, and you would scold them with love. But I will not feel like I need to jump up and correct them, because I am home. And mom, even after all these years, it is still hard not to think of the regrets. Of all the should have and could haves. But then I remember the words that were whispered to me from heaven that soothed my soul 'She has been healed completely'. And thinking of those words brings me the same peace it brought me all those years ago.
I love you mom!

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