Friday, February 13, 2009

Holding it all loosely

As I have said before, we have lived out our lives with the thought of moving overseas for a few years now. We casually throw around comments like 'you can go to camp if we still live here', 'No we are not going to buy that in case we go soon' etc etc. Most of the time this is part of our normal conversation, and a big part of our decision making.
There are times when I realize how strange it is to be raising my kids this way. How really not normal it is. But then there are times when I see how hard it is for my kids.

We were at the store a few weeks back and all my kids wanted to spend their allowance on the biggest cutest softest stuffies ever. So casually I said that there would be a good chance that these stuffies would be too big to take along when we move to Hong Kong.
Like I said, this is a normal part of conversation for us. But that day, it was different.
Two of my kids skipped off picking a small one they new would fit in the coveted "2 suitcase quota'. But one of my precious little ones stopped. In the business of Superstore I almost missed it and was about to tell him he needed to hurry up. As I looked at his face I saw the questions. In that moment, he felt the strangeness. He knew how hard the giving up would be, how difficult to pick of all his belongings, what was going to come with him.
In that moment I uttered a desperate breathe prayer, for him, for us all.

But I trust the journey. I choose to trust the journey. I trust that hands that hold it all.

I also think of all of those who have and are doing this. It has been a wonderful thing for us to know so many families living overseas. I remember the first time we went and found online forums of moms who lived overseas. Suddenly I felt like I was apart of a special club. It always helps to not feel alone.


  1. I can't even begin to put myself in your shoes, Cris - to guide your little ones through a journey that will change and mold their lives forever. You are in the right place and God has a way of making it all work.

  2. This is why God put us together. You make me stop and see. You always have. You are the beauty I see here that speaks of the beauty I will see there. I love you.

  3. One thing our kids have shown us is that the adventure they are on far outweighs the things they left behind. They do miss the people for sure and have days of homesickness, but I can't remember once a time they missed their things (even their bikes etc...). Just an encouragement that what you are giving them is far greater in my humble opinion.

  4. No, you are not alone.
    I understand this post. It's brilliantly written. Thank you.
    There are blessings that come with the sacrifices. Remember the promise of 100 fold.