Monday, February 23, 2009

Being seen

After my last post I have been thinking a lot about people and more specifically people's stories.

It is a powerful thing to share your story with people. We had some friends over last weekend and as everyone was just sitting around talking, someone started to share part of their story. From there, others began to open up and share a part of their lives that had some of the same elements. It was beautiful to see people hearts be opened to one another. For people to be seen and to see others.
Then yesterday, I was at another friends house, and we began to share our 'battle stories' and how we got through those times. Everyone was laughing as we remembered. We all recounted how we got through the long waits, the disappointments, but also the miracles we had seen and experienced.
And again, I noticed a beautiful thing happen. We all felt encouraged to continue in our journey. There was a strength that was breathed into each one of us as we simply shared our stories.

When I got home, I thought of history, and how many of the old festivals were really remembrances. Remembering the miracles, remembering to be thank-ful, remembering just to celebrate, and sometimes remembering the heartache. They would retell the stories of old,
passing on from one generation to the next.
I remembering being in China, and I would watch a group of women in my apartment complex. Every afternoon they would sit together. In winter they would move with the sun, and in summer they would move with the shade.

I would sit in my window sill and wonder what they talked about, wishing I could join in (even if I didn't knit). Often they would invite me to sit with them, but with my 5 words of mandarin, the conversation never got very far. But, over the months as I watched this daily ritual, I thought of the power of telling our tales. Sharing our moments of greatness, and weakness.
It is a wondrous thing how we were created, isn't it!

This last picture I found, and had to add it, just to remember part of my own journey. This was in Shanghai. I had taken the kids out for an afternoon in the park. And they are super cute if I do say so myself!! Aww, those were great days!

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