Thursday, February 26, 2009

The waiting

wow, with a title like that I could go into a whole long post on my life of waiting.......but I won't. (lucky for youhehe) Well, maybe just a little bit.
Many of my seasons of waiting have felt rather fruitless. Like all I was doing was.........waiting. Well, other than raising and homeschooling my children. But right now, I have felt the most productive in my waiting. I am so greatly charged by my new art projects, I really could kick myself for not following this whisper I have heard much much sooner. It has been a lot of fun to share this new love with my kiddo's as well. They are loving experimenting with paints, and have quickly become spoiled by using all of my paints, and now turn their cute little noses at the kids paint sets.

Yesterday we had coffee with some people. You know, those people you know a little of from a distance. These were those kind of people. Although it was a bit of an interview for ourselves, we were intrigued to learn more of their story. It seemed these were people who have waited for some of their desires, and much longer than I have. I found inspiration in that. I am not sure if it is good to find comfort in someone else's discomfort, but I did.

There are some things happening that bring our move to Hong Kong closer, but.......not quite. Oh, this waiting, and waiting, and waiting. Some days I take joy in how close we are, and others, well, others days, it seems all I can think of is how far away it is yet.

Meanwhile, today I was in bed all day, sick. As I was snugging my almost 6 yr old (I could cry when I read that, my baby is almost 6............) I asked him if he could stop growing. I told him I really needed a little 6yr old in my life forever. He said ever so casually
"Well, it is up to God mom. He will decide if I grow or not".

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