Saturday, October 31, 2009

Busy days

These last weeks have been busy with much activity. I suppose that is wonderful. Mostly it is. But I am weary of being here and there and everywhere. It has been good to have much going on in our lives with hubby starting work. And his work schedule was very heavy at first so it was good for us to be busy. We have been able to work out a new schedule and we think it will be a good one. He will rarely if ever be gone 2 nights at a time. And will be home every 4th day or so. Seems like a great compromise for everyone!

Of course, now that I sit to write to you of our adventures I can't remember many of them. Weekly and biweekly homeschool group meet ups. This is has forced me to figure out the transportation system here. The other day I went to a neighboring island to go to a girls group for dd, and for my boys to meet some new friends. It is on the next island over. Sounds simple enough. Well, my two options are either ferry into Central on Hong Kong island, and catch another ferry back to Discovery Bay, or take a small ferry to Mui Wo and then another smaller ferry to DBay (as the locals would call Discovery Bay). Well, the first option would take just over an hour if I catch fast ferry's, but cost me over $50Hk per person. The second option would only cost just over $20 HK per person, but the ferries run a lot less frequent. So I went with the second option because I am all into saving my pennies. What an adventure. The trip there went perfectly smooth, other than a mad dash to the bank machine in Mui Wo as I left my children at the second ferry as proof that I would indeed return so they wouldn't leave without us.
But then there was the return trip...........
3 HOURS long

yes I said it


That was painful. So yes I saved money. But lost a whole lot of sanity along the way. And to top it all off, we ended up eating McDonalds for super YUCK!!! McDonalds is everywhere here.

However, we had a delightful day. Feshya connected made some wonderful connections at the girls club, and the boys made some great friends that they are very excited to be with again.

And on one last note today, I must share an important news flash.

We were going to check out the new house the other day. As we came up we saw they had painted it. It was a wonderful red. Then we rounded the corner only to see......
hold your breathe......
a little longer......
are you ready.....
you might wanna sit down because I sure wish I could have,
the other 3 sides of the house were
yup, imagine my surprise.
Now if I lived in a country of colorful houses I would not have been surprised.
But that, here, was a bit of a shocker.
Especially given that pink is most certainly not on any of my even remotely might like list of colors.

So we talked to Alman, and he was told the reason for that particular choice of color,
well, simply put,
They had run out of red.

Pictures to come!

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  1. Too funny - my daughter has bright red floors now and bright marble floors as well. I think her house might be pink.