Friday, October 23, 2009

New Adjustments

Been a while. I was going to say life has been busy but that isn't exactly true, so I won't. Hubby started work last week and so we are in the throws of new adjustment. The current roster includes a lot of overnight shifts at the school. We are in the 'we will see how this works for our family' stage. This is a normal schedule for all the staff who works at the school, and so we are going to try it out. There is room for some 'creative' scheduling depending on how our family does. The first day he left the kids cried. The second time I cried. Two nights and three days seems like a long time. Yet, on the other hand, I think it will go quickly. We look out our window to the school lights and say prayers for daddy and the students at night, that helps make if feel not so far away. Here are a few shots of Daddy leaving the first morning.

i love his morning commute
We have been busy exploring and meeting new friends. A small photo journey awaits you.

homeschooler group (8 families) came to 'our island' for the day

the boys went on a hike by our house

as we walked into town one day, this ship was docked at the sampan pier. someone told us it had just sailed from Australia. That is a ferry in the background that we ride to Hong Kong City Center.

me emerging from an old pirate cave on 'our island'

our trip to Macau for our visa run. We were taken on an amazing day to celebrate!

I have just met a local women and will be joining her for fellowship this weekend. She has lived on the island for many years and speaks fluent Cantonese. She knows many families and has a few in mind that we may be able to connect with. She also is a part of some local fellowship here on the island and that is very exciting news for us!!!! One of the big questions that is currently in my mind is how life works itself out here on the island for us. I can not remember if I blogged about this already, so forgive me if I am repeating myself. The kids continue to desire friendships that are closer here for them. Language is of course a huge obstacle to developing many local relationships, so my heart jumped when I met this new friend who could put us in touch with local english speaking families. Trust me, I would rather be speaking Cantonese, but until then, we still need relationships, so English will do just fine!

In the mean time, I am very excited to announce that I have found a local cafe that sells good coffee!!! The only place I had found was McDonald's. Even if their coffee was good (which it definitely was NOT by the way), there just seemed something very very wrong with going there for coffee. Sooo, knowing there is somewhere here that I can go for a nice coffee and a yummy dessert truly makes this feel like home!! Photo to come!

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  1. Thanks for sharing so many photos. You do live in a beautiful place. Living on an island. How about that? We'll keep you definitely in our thoughts and p's regarding overnight schedules, and new friends, and fellowship.

    Many blessings to you and your family!