Saturday, October 10, 2009

Thoughts on our Visa

Yes, it had finally happened. We got word yesterday morning that our visa's have gone through...officially....!!! Of course we were very excited. Relieved. Just last week we met some beautiful people and they shared that their visa's had been rejected. Our journeys of coming to live in Hong Kong were very different but very familiar in that we followed our Father's voice in leaving our life behind to live in this strange and wonderful country. So does that mean I am more 'blessed' than they are because our visa's were accepted? By all means absolutely not!!!!!!! Rather, I step back in awe of what it means to follow his voice. He is so faithful to lead us in small steps, showing us we can trust him, building our trust in him. There are many things I that I have heard Abba speak to me about, but most of them I have not the faintest idea how they will come to pass.

In the last few weeks I was never fearful that the visa's would not go through, but I have also come to have a healthy respect and understanding that 'His ways are not always my ways'. This is the journey he has chosen for us, but I know he is no more with us than he is my new friends and I wait in anticipation to watch how their journey unfolds. I know he has a plan, and and I know he will hold them tightly. Just as I know, I am in his plan and he is holding us tightly.

What is your journey? Do you hear his heart beat?

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