Tuesday, October 6, 2009



Today was good.

Watching hubby teach and explore with the children. Inspiring.

Finding amazing eats at a street side vendor in some crazy crowded market in Kowloon.

Watching my children become more and more familiar in these new and strange surroundings.

Buying a rice cooker. Yippee!!!! Thanks Kimberly! One day I will cook for you out of it!

Laughing with relief as the humidity is less and I was finally not sweaty today!

I came home and was reading a new friends blog. I found this quote from a book they were reading by Andrew Murray called 'Prayer'.

You know how the eagles are taught the use of their wings. See yonder cliff rising a thousand feet out of the seas. See high up a ledge on the rock, where there is an eagles’ nest with its treasure of two young eaglets. See the mother bird come and stir up her nest, and with her beak push the timid birds over the precipice. See how they flutter and fall and sing toward the depth. See now how she “fluttereth over her young, spreadeth abroad her wings, taketh them, beareth them on her wings” (Deut 32:11), and so as they ride upon her wings, brings them to a place of safety…. He (God) stirs up your nest. He disappoints your hopes. He brings down your confidence. He makes you fear and tremble, as all your strength fails, and you feel utterly weary and helpless. And all the while He is spreading His strong wings for you to rest your weakness on and offering His everlasting Creator strength to work in you. And all He asks is that you sink down in your weariness and wait on Him. Allow Him in His Jehovah strength to carry you and you ride upon the wings of His omnipotence.”

I love that, 'all he asks is that you sink down in your weariness and wait on him....allowing Him in His Jehovah strength to carry you.....'.


Tonight Sammy read our bible story 'David and Goliath'. The kids and I have been talking about this over and over. I love how God loves to do crazy nonsensical things. A little boy taking out a giant with a rock. I love that because it is so insane. What hope there is for me and my life, and what a complete release of me trying to 'make sense' of my life. When I look at what my great Abba usually does. What fun to be free to live a life that does not make sense!

Now I wanna paint.


  1. Cris, I have that Andrew Murray book in my store and I've never read it. Guess what I'm going to do tomorrow??? Thanks for this post, Cuz. It's a reminder of how no matter what we see or hear or feel, we are not moved because our Awesome God is there to carry us. Period.

  2. Wow, you blew my socks off! No really, I've been really struggling with our building project and "fear" - fear that we are running out of finances and where would we go for more, so that we can get to the point where we're ready for a mortgage. I even sat in my car today and cried about it, in a parking lot. I never do things like that.

    So Jehovah is wanting me to confess my weakness and my inability to "fix" it or "figure" it out, and let Him do it.

    Thanks for sharing such an awesome part of Andrew Murray's book. I too must make sure I have it in my bookshelf.

    And by the way it's going down to -6 tonight and the high tomorrow is 7 so enjoy a little more heat.