Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The shift

I have felt the shift begin. I recognize all the signs. I remember feeling this and going through this so many times before. (we have moved 12 times in 13 yrs of marriage!!!) It is the emotional and mental shift that happens when you move. For so long we have imagined moving back to China, but we were still here. Now, we are still here, but as the days go buy, our thoughts and emotions are making the shift to getting ready and then being there.
It reminds me that there really is only so much the human body can process at one time. Our emotional and mental energy is slowly being used less for events and life here. It begins as a slow switch but every day it quickly gains speed. Today I drove past our place of worship and I noticed how my heart had less of an emotional pull there. It is strange yet wonderful. I even remember flying to Shanghai. It was almost as if my mind was processing at the same rate as the plane. When we first left I was thinking of how hard it was to say good-bye and how I will miss people. Half way there I was thinking half of home and half of living in China, then it shifted more and more to living in China.

The kids are begging us to tell them what day we are flying out. We will not know for a bit. We are guessing somewhere between the end of May and beginning of June, but we have to wait until Brad get's his transcript from the school. (I may have written this all already, sorry, I do tend to repeat myself) The kids are already saving their money to go to Disney Land in Hong Kong.

We have had two more gifts given to use to help with our move.

I am speechless!

I am truly blown away over and over at how our Father is supplying more than we could have imagined. Just a few months ago we really had no idea. None. Silch, zero.

But we believed the words that were spoken into us over and over and over. Each time they seemed to have gone deeper. We wavered many times, doubting, asking to see the nail scarred hands. Yet, his word is true and is not dependent on my doubting or not. I am a thank-ful daughter. He is good all the time, no matter what. That never changes.

A few pictures of where I am shifting to.


  1. A part of me is going with you, Cris! And I'm so glad that there is no distance in the spirit realm.

  2. Can we go to DISNEYLAND together!?
    p.s. Can so relate to all you are saying and am going through it all again too! Got two words on Sunday from God that were so important to me. I am so excited for you guys!!!

  3. Cris,I'm so excited for you and yet sad .There's nothing more rewarding then knowing and being in God's perfect will. I hear and feel the yearning of your heart when I read your blog.Only God could have placed it there. You are Special and dear to my heart. Praying God's abundant blessings for you as you follow the plans and purpoes He has for you. Auntie Dorothy