Monday, March 2, 2009

Just another monday

Some random thoughts on this random Monday. I am feeling bits better today, and that is a great thing! My kiddo's were giving me such looks of pity this morning it almost broke my heart. One even said to me 'It is a good thing you aren't dying mommy!'. I assured them whole heartedly that I wasn't dying.
There has been a phrase in my head a lot lately, and perhaps I mentioned it before. I was talking to a more experienced mom and she said to me "Try to speak to your children's potential" I have mulled that over and over. I have easily seen that my children respond better to my words that call for them to be all that they can be rather than just the moment they are in. Then today I was talking to a friend who is going thru some very tough relational issues. She was given advice about how to respond, and again, it was speaking to that person's potential, choosing to believe in that potential even when it isn't seen (hmmm, this is starting to sound a little like the definition of faith!). Then I thought of my one great love, and I soon saw that this is exactly how he is towards me ALL the time. He is always calling me to be all that he created me to be, reminding me of what he sees when he looks at me. Although I do wonder sometime/okay alot of the time what kind of funky glasses he must have on.

Second, I wanted to share some pictures that my hubby took last year from the island we will live on. Come, dream with me a moment! Happy Monday!

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