Friday, March 13, 2009

Oh me Oh my

Yes, it is hard to put into the words the joy I have today. It really may not seem to be that joyous occasion to anyone passing by my house today, but, really, this is major.

Are you ready for it??

Really ready?

Today it was plus 3!!

But that isn't it.

My kids got out their bikes..........and.............played outside for over 2 hours!!!! Did you get that, outside for over two whole hours!!!

Really, I can hardly contain my excitement that the days and months of being inside with only little excursions out may be coming to an end.

Yes all my prairie family, I know this complaining about the weather sounds more than a little funny to you, but......well......I have gotten a bit wimpy about this cold weather thing. I will fully totally admit it!!!

As I write this I am also fully away that in a few months, I am sure you will be reading posts of me complaining about all the heat and humidity.

But, this is today, and today I happy for warmer weather!!!

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