Friday, March 27, 2009

Lacking inspiration

For days I have been walking past the computer thinking I really should post something, but I have not had a lot of inspiration. My brain has been in a not so creative mode. Maybe that is why. (although I did go and finish a painting a few nights ago and that was very soothing.)

There are a few things I am very excited about.

First, Brad and I are going on a date tonight. I mean a real, just me and my man, only talk to others if we want to, date. See, for the last many months, we have paid a babysitter not so we could go and stare into each other eyes. But rather so I could go to a meeting while Brad went to school. That was getting a little stinky in my books. A friend has offered to not only take our kids, but is also giving us some gift certificates so we can go out for a nice meal. The kind with low lights, and private booths and funky music in the back ground. Most of mine and Brad's time together as of late has been trying to make some major decisions as we pass by each other at night, so this will be divine.

Second, we are having two young Japanese girls at our house for the next week. I does feel rather strange to be cleaning and making my house look 'nice' when I am in packing and getting rid of it mode. But I think it will be a lot of fun. It is only for one week, which is a nice length of time right now. Then a week later I have family coming to visit. It is going to be wonderful to have family here for Easter. We will do a turkey and all that. I am sure I will cry many tears when they leave. Strange to be going through all the emotions again of saying good-bye and not sure when I will see them again. But last time we didn't know or use skype, so that will go a long way in staying connected.

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  1. Hey, hope you guys had sooooo much fun! It's so good to be alone together once in awhile, eh? May you grab them in the next few months of busyness.