Monday, January 11, 2010

Our new addition

May I please introduce you to our newest family member BB.

We have never lived in a place that allowed dogs before. When we found out that we would be living in a house with a yard here in HK, we promised Feshya that she could finally get a dog. She has pined for one for so very long.
About a month ago we heard of a couple here on the island that were moving to HK and were looking for a new home for their Golden Retriever. I had hoped that we would be in the house by then, but as we all know, that hasn't exactly work out.
So yesterday was the day that we picked him up, the picture above is taken just before we took him home.
I think it is obvious to see Feshya's pure excitement. She has literally dreamed of this day for years.

Our first days have been a bit of an adventure. The plan was to leave him outside for night, and then bring him to the new house during the day to run around. The yard is completely fenced in so it is perfect.

Well, it decided to rain all day. There is no place to tie him up with shelter where we are currently. And with it rainy, we couldn't go and spend the day at the new place in the yard. Sooooo, BB ended up spending half the day inside our current one room house! A few walks to town tired him out enough that he was pretty mellow and stayed in the corner without too much coaxing.

The house is a bit smellier (you know, that lovely wet dog smell).

But I really don't think I have the words to share the sweetness of our day. I saw my little girls heart grow, and heal. BB got more love and hugs and kisses and care than he even knew what to do with.

It was good!

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