Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Quote of the Day

We have discovered that our dog has a bit of an obsession with bread. We new the old owners gave him bread for a treat, but......well, just read on.

As I have said there are many bakeries in town, and so it is very common to see people carrying small white or red plastic bags that are carrying fresh baking (or fish from the market....but anyways). We have learned quickly that we need to keep BB very close when we walk thru town so he isn't sniffing everyone's bags.

Yesterday as me and the kids sat at the beach having a bun, BB literally jumped and snatched a whole bun out of my hand before I even knew what was happening.

Today, I gave the kids some change to get a pineapple bun (it doesn't have pineapple in it, and doesn't even taste like pineapple....but again anyways) while I ran in to get some groceries. Suddenly Sam runs in to tell me that BB snatched Feshya's bun out of her hands.

I gave Feshya money to go and get another one, and low and behold,when she was about 3/4 thru, once again, BB snatched that freshly baked goodness right outta her hand.

This time she was not only mad, but extremely sad that this dog that she has lavished her love upon so freely would be so mean to her.

Her response just about had me rolling down the alley way.

Thru tears she says to me

"BB is the devil mom, he is the devil!!!!"

The did make their peace a few minutes later. But, I was still laughing!


  1. This is hilarious, Cris! I know I shouldn't laugh, because BB is obviously going to need to learn some manners, but really, this is just too funny!

  2. Nice addition to your family Cristol. Sounds like there might be a few things to untrain him from.....Are you prepared?

  3. I think BB stands for Bread Buster :)