Monday, January 4, 2010

Somewhere over the rainbow...

So cliche I know, but as I sit here in the quiet house, the kidlets are asleep, dishes are done, and jammies are on, I am listening to "over the rainbow" by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole. What lovely song. This is one song I can put on repeat and just melt into it. Beautifully simplistic.

But the rainbow. That is what I remembered today. The promise. The hope. Brad was at the house the other day, feeling frustrated over 'house issues'. Then he looked out and there was a rainbow. So simple. Such an easy thing to passively admire. But as he looked at the colorful display, he was reminded of the promise.


I think that shall be my word this year.


My promise of being here in Asia is a large part, yet a small part.

He breathed things into my being, and so often I doubt if they are still there, or if I am an able carrier of heavenly things. But then I see a rainbow and am reminded of who made the promise.

Too often as of late I have wanted to have it all together. Have it all figured. Then I feel like a failure when it isn't.

Do you ever feel like that? Do you whisper to the night of how you feel alone? I know I do.

The kids and I have been listening to Chronicles of Narnia lately, we finished The Magician's Nephew. Pure splendidness!!!
Today I listened of the simple taxi horse Strawberry becoming a winged horse in Narnia. That is Aslan's way. To take something so simple, and make it glorious.

Today I was reminded of that. I am simple, and cracked, and all together not put together.

Tonight I feel him roar over me, shattering the lies that have come and tried to make place.
He is reminding me!
Calling me!
Pulling me in!
Releasing me out!
Reminding me to trust!
Whispering of the promise in the deep places!

Ahhhhh, I think I shall go and rest there.


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