Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer and Star Wars

Our house has become a Star Wars land. We have the Star Wars Lego game, and now we have been watching the movies with the kids. Queen Amidila and all her crazy outfits add just enough 'girlishness' to it that it has almost become a family affair. Of course the boys are all over it, and everything is 'Master this' and 'Master that', that is until I ask them to clean their room, hahahaha.

Our last weeks have been filled with year end activities, parties, family camp, and keeping the house clean for potential buyers to walk through. Everything has been a lot of fun, other than the keeping the house clean part. My mother tried, she really did, and I can keep a clean house, I just really really really do not enjoy what it takes to keep it that way. But our friend/landlord has been amazingly blessed and in one week he has gotten multiple offers on the duplex. That is simply amazing, especially given what the local real estate market has been. So, we will see how the timing of everything works out. We have found out that the new landlords have to give us 2 months notice before any changes happen, so at least we will have a buffer time. More trusting, and the smell of more flesh being burnt.

The kids are in the 'land of many sleep overs'. It is so much fun! The foamy has become a permanent structure on the floor downstairs littered with sleeping bags and pillows. Their little bodies are growing darker with many hours spent outside and I am in a constant battle with the sand that somehow feels it needs to follow us home. We are eating many PB sandwiches and salads. The days are perfect.

Here are a few photo's from the last weeks, enjoy.

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  1. Wow, I know I keep saying it but your kids look so old!