Wednesday, June 17, 2009

the plan

Our last few weeks have been eventful and yet so uneventful at the same time. Nothing has changed, we have no date, no news on our visa and therefore no flights. As I said before, everything is 'perfectly out of our hands'. The recession has shown its head in our house as hubby has had a shortage of work for the last few weeks. We are thank-ful that he does still have a job, and we know his boss does everything possible to find work for his guys. It is a tough time for a lot of people.

Then our van decided to give us a few problems last week. Hubby and myself were finding it extremely difficult not to get really mad, and mad at the fact that now we would have to fix a van that we just want to get rid of to move across the ocean. Plus we were having an early birthday party for my daughter the next day and needed to drive a bunch of girls around. So as we sat there, stewing in our frustration, my 8 yr old son walks into the room and oh so casually says 'well, God knew this was going to happen, so he must have a plan'............well, really what does one say after that. Not a lot. Such incredibly simple wisdom.

well, there was a plan, and it all worked out quite quickly and easily.

what a blessing.

Better than that was the peace that I had. I realized the offense that I had started to build within myself because of the waiting time we were in. I had started to loose sight of resting in the knowing that he holds the plan perfectly in his hands.

Since then the duplex we live in has gone up for sale, and there still isn't a lot of work, but I am fine. I am resting in knowing that he knows his plan, even if I don't.

And then just to top it all off, because we have not left yet we are getting to see friends who have come for a visit from other parts of the world.

Life is good, don't you think!

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  1. Life is VERY good! And you have a little man with some very big wisdom. Way to go, Sam!