Friday, June 5, 2009

Random thoughts during the wiating

Been a while again. Seems the cold traded in for summer, and we got blasted with a heat wave here last week. It really isn't that hot, but it is just that a few short weeks ago I had hardly thought of bringing out my summer clothes, and then suddenly it was a mad dash to find the shorts and tank tops. I have found it hard to be very motivated because of it, but the up side is it means lot of fun outside, and many trips to the beach. It is such an amazing blessing to live at the lake.

A few years ago we returned to the prairies, and although I loved being back, I will always be a mix of mountain BC girl/prairie girl. I see and love the beauty in both.


Really, nothing very new here. Still packing and cleaning and packing and cleaning and.......well you guessed it, packing and cleaning. I try to stop, but I seem incapable of it. Yet I am so tired of being in a half state of packing, but not being able to just go all the way. Yet, past the point of having a clean organized house anymore. Soon Soon I know. I won't bore you anymore with my whining.

Hubby was home most of last week with some back issues. Having him home is great, but it seems to throw the whole schedule out. I was also angry at myself that I was kinda grumpy a lot and so wasn't able to enjoy him being around as much as I could have. Stupid how being grumpy just ruins everything!

Well, as you can see, this post is really not going anywhere, yet I felt the need to come and write, so here I am.

I miss painting. I think perhaps I need to go a canvas and release some of this.

My children are delightful. My girl is definitely hitting preteen stuff. I love it. She isn't so sure! Today she had a very hard day, and had a bit of a melt down as she was getting ready for bed. The boys made her a special picture and told her how much the loved her, and then they decided to all have sleep together. It amazes to see how sibling can drive each other crazy, yet they have a magic to reach out and protect each other as well. Beautiful to watch.

good night friends. May the breathe of peace be on you tonight!

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  1. Oh my! That lake pic makes me hungry for long days of waiting I have to say. Just to sit and watch them have fun and beg you to come in...beautiful and lovely pic.