Thursday, April 30, 2009

picture of my boys with neighbor friend

This weekend our very good/great/fabulous/always dreamt of neighbors like this - are moving away. Well, they are just visiting family in other countries for a few months, but will not be back by the time we go. We are all sad at this parting, especially my boys. Our neighbors voiced how sad they were at our moving and had hoped our children would grow up together. Our children run back and forth freely, and we feed each others kids without a second a thought.

Today they are in the end of the end part of moving, you know, cleaning carpets, completely emptying the fridge, wiping the cupboards on more time. This is the best and worst part. You can see the end, but, oh man, you are so done by this point.

Anyways, this afternoon they called over and asked if I had any coffee, and if I did, could I make them a cup and bring it to over? I had just run out of coffee and so I quickly drove and bought them a large cup.

She was a little embarrassed that I done that. But I was so happy. I loved the thought that they would feel comfortable enough to ask me to make them coffee. It made me only love them more and feel a greater loss at their going.

And besides, I of all people know the need of a coffee!!!

So for me, this is another good-bye that I knew had to come before we left. I guess the nice part for me is that these good-bye's are happening in stages, not all at once. All at once could just just have been too much. And for that I am thank-ful!


  1. I know that need for coffee!! You go girl! It is amazing how much love can be poured into a simple cup of it out of need, or out of fellowship...and somehow most times both are fulfilled! love ya!

  2. So great to have good neighbours - what a difference they make in our life. Happy for you guys that you've had them these months.