Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Resistance if Futile

this weekend is a Homeschooling conference. Last year was my first one and I loved it!~ For me it was the perfect combination of encouragement and information. Plus it is always extremely refreshing to realize, again, that I am not alone in this path. So, that is all fine and dandy. But there is one part of the conference that I am just not sure what to do about it.

It is the Curriculum Hall.

All these fabulous stores are set up so you can buy their stuff.

Just image a whole gymnasium full of wonderful books. Oh man, I have been pondering all week whether I should even go in. I mean, how can I go in and NOT buy something, anything. I really don't know if I can resist.

But really, that is so silly. I mean, just a few weeks ago I was on here posting about how I had to get rid of books, so why on earth would I go and buy new ones.

I fully realize it is not logical thinking, but I am not necessarily known for my 'logical thinking'.
(yes I can hear those chuckles out there).

So, here is my game plan. There are some resources that I will not be able to have shipped or buy in Hong Kong, so really....


it only makes sense that I would buy them now!!!


(only opinions that agree with me are allowed to be posted by the way hehe)


  1. Are you mad! Think of Weight restrictions, All the knick knacks that remind you of home that are going to be chucked because of 3 massively heavy books in your few measly suitcases. Oh, Ethan, no toys for you - we need these schoolbooks instead. Think of the scars you will leave!
    Oh Ya - Sonlight and others ship to HK and there are educational bookstores here.
    (Sorry I failed to follow specific intructions on agreement as clearly stated above.)

  2. I agree completely, Cris! Totally reasonable thinking here, girl.

  3. But has Wendy moved to Hong Kong recently? I rest my case. :P
    (no offense intended Wendy).