Saturday, April 25, 2009

One life

My thoughts have been thinking on this for a few weeks.

One Life!~

Just one.

What does that mean to me.

How does that effect the choices I make?

I mean, it is pretty heavy when you think of this being it. These short 70 or 100 years we will be here for. What are the things that we can take with us after our last breath. What will I spend my breath here on? Will I use my years to pursue comforts for me and maybe a few people around me?


will I pour out my life. Will I spend my life on the things I can take with me?

This life is a gift, and I have to decide how I will use that gift. When my kids get a new toy, I am often giving them the talk 'think of how much more fun it will be if you share it with others rather than just hiding it away for yourself'.

I recently heard how someone described this life. They wrapped a rope around the inside of a large gymnasium, and colored the length of a piece of paper red, leaving the rest white. The part that is red is this life here and now, the rest is eternity. The challenge was of how we spend so much time thinking about that one short red part of our life. Yet in comparison to the rest of the rope, it is such a tiny part. I believe the rest of the rope is going to AMAZING!! There are so many wonderful things in the here and now for us. Me and the kids talk often how amazing it is going to be to live on the ocean, I have personally dreamt of living by the ocean for many years. I am so thank-ful for those blessings!

But, that is not it. Those blessings are not my fulfillment!

Eternity is the prize that I set before me. It is what will make all the good things I experienced here even better, and will make all the hard things I experienced here worth it.

But I believe it won't just make it 'worth it'. I am going to see those things in such a completely different light. Now I only see thru a glass dimly, but there, well, there I will see it as it is.

Won't that be amazing!

I can hardly wait.


  1. I love this, Cris! Thanks for sharing your heart.

  2. Right on! so true and important to remember - eternity helps us focus on what's important every day!