Saturday, April 18, 2009

How love can make you cry

Today was a sad day for me.

For the last week we have had family come to visit. It was wonderful to have a houseful for Easter. There was one family missing from each side of the family (one of my sisters and family, and Brad's mom and hubby). We were sad that they were not here as well. It was so fun to have everyone around. a little crazy at times, but wonderful. It made for a super busy week, yet we managed to find time to visit with everyone. It was extremely special to have everyone come for a visit before we go.

This morning the last of the visitors left, my dad and mom and family left. We don't get to see most of our extended family often, so we soak up the moments that we do have together. This morning I was thinking of the line "these moments in time". We hold them closely as we carry on.

We count the cost of following our dreams.

My children saw that this morning.

My family has a certain reputation for crying. So this morning as I was hugging my dad good-bye, we were both crying. My children watched as the tears fell. After they waved one last time as grandma and grandpa drove away, they came and hugged me. One brought me coffee (teehee she knows me well), another came and snuggled me. One came separately and quietly asked me why I was crying. I told him how sometimes you love so much is makes you cry. He then asked why grandma and grandpa can't just live with us, then we would never have to cry and say good-bye.

So I have been thinking of this today. Thinking of what a powerful thing love is.

As my kids get older, I often think of how we don't understand what out parents go through and feel, until we have our own children. Now as we get ready to fly across the ocean, I feel keenly aware of the gift of blessing Brad and I have received from family. And I wonder what my heart will feel like as I hug my children good-bye as they sail off on their own adventures. I pray we can be as gracious in releasing them with a blessing to follow their own calling.

What an amazing gift it is!


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