Monday, February 8, 2010

a thought on cultural differences

I have been thinking about culture differences (I guess that is a bit of a given lol).
And I have been thinking about moving out of our room (I guess that is a bit obvious as well hehe)

See, when we tell most people here the amount of space we live in, they really are not shocked, or surprised, or give me the sympathy I am desperately looking for. They just nod and say 'Oh yes'. And sometimes give me the look of wondering why I am complaining. Of course I smile politely, but inside I wanna shake them and try to make them understand how it is to homeschool and live in a one room where the bed is our learning quarters, sleeping quarters, eating quarters, relaxing quarters, etc etc.

But then ahhhhhh,
I must stop and think about those cultural differences.

First, homeschooling is completely and totally foreign to them. They don't even have the reference of 'that weird family down the road'. They just don't know anything about it.

So, how can they understand my frustration. They can't. And that is okay.

Yes, most people here live in very small quarters. Even with children and grandparents and a helper in one house. But, the kids are gone for school many hours a day, then they often have tutoring after hours. If they are lucky they live close to a school, but many kids spend a long time traveling to and from school (much like myself as a youngster growing up on the prairies). The evenings you are always seeing the kids running around outside, playing basketball, hanging out. If at home, you mostly see them, doing homework or maybe watching TV. Quiet sit down activities.
So, they don't spend a lot of time in the house.
So how can they understand my slippery slope of insanity of living a life of a homeschooling family here.

Please do not read this as a 'my life is better than theirs and they just don't understand'. That is not were I am going with this at all!!! Just giving you yet another glimpse into the mind of Cristal. Please come again!

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  1. Hey my name is Frank. I ran into your blog from another blog and I just figured I'd read yours. I'm reading other peoples blogs in hopes that my blog may become known also but I'm new. I like your post and I also think that homeschooling is perfect. Even though I was never home-schooled, I am greatly considering homeschooling my future children. Nice post.