Monday, February 1, 2010

Do Over

That is what I wish I could call today.

A Do Over.

As a mom, as a homeschooling mom, I was pretty much a flop today. Some day's we don't do a lot with official homeschooling and that is okay. Today, it wasn't okay.

We had to go and get laundry and some groceries and desperately needed to clean the house. Morning gone. Okay fine, we will start after lunch. But then......well, one thing lead to another, then I needed to kick the kids out of our room to spin off some energy, then it was supper, and blah blah blah.

Now here is the 'lets keep it real' description.
I let the craziness of living in our room get to me today. I let my sadness of not having family and friends close get to me. And in letting those things get to me I mean closed into myself and justified it by saying 'I really needed some space from everyone including my kids'.
Result, the day ended with more yelling and frustration than love and kindness. Instead of hugs at the end of a day, the hugs could only come after mommy confessed my failings to my children, wiped away a few tears. As I said to them how I let me frustration and sadness rule my day and my attitudes, Sammy says "I know exactly how you feel mom", and I knew he did. Then came the hugs of reconciliation.

That is one sweet hug. And I am overwhelming thank full for it. Wish there wasn't a reason for it, but oh my goodness gracious, I am so thank full for it!

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