Monday, February 8, 2010

a sneek peek if you want to

today was a mix bag. Rainy outside. Wet inside with moisture dripping into pools at the bottom. Clean clothing run to hubby doing a 2 nighter. Picked up more groceries than I could enjoy carrying home. A dog that got loose right in front of the bakery (crisis was averted). Many coughs, sniffly runny noses, soar throats. Wet dog smell. Mosquito bites galore. Attempting to do school. Then the jack-hammering began. And it stayed. All day long. In the suite below us. Kinda gave up at that point. Tried to coast the rest of the way. Did have a successful teaching time. Did watch a movie. Did make a good super. Did have some laughs. Wiped a few tears. Many hugs. And always as many kisses as my kids will allow me to shower on them in the midst of our grumpiness.

Synopsis : Cristal and the children are becoming ever more desperate to get out of our one room and into the house!

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