Monday, January 25, 2010

a dog, a door, and bugs

Nope, not bugs that crawl on the ground, (thank goodness!!!!) but tummy bugs, runny nose bugs, cough bugs, those ones. We have had our share. Everyone says how long it can take to get used to the new place in terms of health, and that sure is true. It seems we always have someone down with something. Sometimes not too serious, other times spending a few days in bed. On the days that we spend in bed, our little place feels even littler and that leads me to the next thing.

The door. Our door. A door for the house. The front door has been ordered. It should be delivered in about 2 weeks. Then Brad just has to build the frame for it, and we should be able to move in. Sometime before then, the cook top should be installed. I was hoping for a gas cooktop, but it looks like I will be getting a electric one. Trust me, I am completely thank-ful for what ever it is. Brad will be getting the security bars installed (not a sign of a bad neighborhood, but the normal thing), putting in the doors, I will be making an Ikea run this week to purchase window coverings, and then walla........we should be able to move in.
Yes I say 'should' because at this point I hold all deadlines for moving in VERY loosely!

And lastly, the dog. Our BB. He is sweet and kind and lovely and has us all wrapped around his little paw already. And I like thinking of us as 'a family with a dog'. Not sure why, but it just feels good. And just to let you know, we will also have another pet soon. Well, actually about 3. No, actually, about 6. You will just have to stayed tuned for more details to come.

And again, please remember to pray for our sweet little friend Sarah who is bravely battling leukemia. You can follow her story here and please if you can, donate to them as well. The costs are quickly accumulating. Even simple things like the daily cost of hospital parking, meals, toll booths, gas, let alone the cost of hospital bills all add up very very quickly, and the last thing they need during this time is to be under financial stress. Reading the blog brings tears to my eyes about how brave Sarah is and all that they face daily on this journey!

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