Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The perfect day

It was sunday, and the plans were only half made. Perfect. Made enough that we knew something would happen, but not every detail was planned. I love those kind of days. They stretch me just a little, but not too much that I can't enjoy the ride.

We walked up the hill for fellowship with friends that are no longer my 'new friends' but just my friends. The fellowship was so sweet. Truly, is there anything better than the enjoy Divine love with others that you love? We prayed for my friends who are returning to the UK. Tears were shed. I have told Dad I am actually not very happy with him for bringing them into my life and then taking them away so quickly again. But my life is incredibly enriched for the moments I have been able to share with them.

The plan was that the wonderful guy to the left was going to take the kids to the beach, and pull in the fishing nets that they had left in overnight to see what they had caught, and us mom's were going to prepare a meal of fish and chips ready to cook and eat on the beach that evening.
They brought us a live catch of small fish, prawns, and crabs to cook. There were a few squeals as we put them into the pot and one tried to jump out. (okay it didn't actually try jumping out, but it did fall to the side and we had to put it back in).

The evening was perfect. Warm enough to enjoy the ocean breeze that cleared the air so we could actually see the lights of Hong Kong. (pollution clouds this view more often than not unfortunately)

The children swam, kayaked, played hide and seek in the dark.
The adults chatted, laughed, went for walks in the moonlight.
I even had my new sundress on. I mean really, it was divine.

These are the moments I live for. The moments that nurture and feed my soul.

I am a blessed women.

I will take this weekend, wrap it up, tenderly kiss it, and tuck it away in my treasure box of moments.

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  1. Looks like you were having a perfect day! A nice one on the beach no less. Blessings to you and your family. It is tough when friends move away!