Thursday, May 13, 2010

broken arms in Hong Kong

Sammy and his broken arm. About 7weeks ago we were visiting some friends, and the kids were outside playing on the playground equipment. Suddenly one of the kids come running saying Sammy has fallen and is really really hurt. When I rushed over, he was laying face down at the bottom of a slide. The first thought that went thru was had he broke his neck as he wasn't moving at all. Slowly body part by body part, we narrowed down the pain factor to his wrist. We got him inside, put some ice on it and tried to determine what we should do. He was settling down well, but we decided to take him in just to get it checked out. I was very thank-ful that the friend we were visiting has a vehicle and could drive us to the hospital. (it feels like a novelty to us know to driven somewhere) I was also very thank-ful to have her there to walk us through our first hospital visit. We got in quickly, and it was determined that he had a fracture on his arm bone (where it connects to the thumb bone at the wrist). We quickly got the finger to armpit plaster cast put on, and got back in time to watch American Idol at her house. ;). She was so kind to drive us to the ferry pier so we didn't have to do the MTR.
So every two weeks since that time we have had to travel to that same hospital to get his arm x-rayed and examined by the orthopedic dr. Travel time to the hospital is about 2 hours from door step to door step. Not really so bad, but tiring after a while. So after the first two visits he was down to a lighter cast that was from finger tips to elbow, and now he has a brace on for the last 4 weeks.
We had to go to the same hospital because our small local hospital does not have an orthopedic Dr. on site, and it was easier to go back there than transfer to a different hospital that might be slightly closer.
As Hong Kong resident we are able to access the local health care system like local residents. The initial visit to the hospital was $100HK ($13CA) and then subsequent visits are $60hk. Not too bad really. Mostly we have had a good experience with our hospital visits. The Dr.'s all speak english, and we have even had two Dr. who studied or lived in Canada! Most staff have some degree of english as well.
Sammy has been such a trooper thu it all. It has been so hard for him living on the island and everyone else going swimming on the hot days except him. I am so proud of him, but we are all looking forward to him getting it off.
He will have to have some physical therapy when the brace comes off, but thank goodness our little local hospital has a fabulous occupational therapy clinic we can go to. 5 minute walk rather than 2hr ferry/mtr trip. And the Koop children sang out 'Hallelujah!!!!!!'

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  1. Reminds me of when Michael broke his arm the same way - playground equipment. He was 6. It was the beginning of summer and he had to endure the Regina heat with no swimming, no running through the sprinkler (I finally rigged up a plastic bag with elastic bands a few times), and no daredevil stunts on his bike. Maybe you were even with us that summer, Cris! I feel for Sam, and for the rest of you trekking to the hospital all the time. But the end is in sight. Hallelujah!!