Sunday, May 16, 2010

For the one

We had a delightful day today at the school. A friend from Canada has been here visiting for the last few weeks and we have been waiting for a day to bring her to the school to visit and see it all. It is such a gift to be able to share our lives with someone from 'home'. Today was the day! Sunday's are a great day to go because there are no classes, so Brad was able to hang out with us. In the morning there is a service. The students lead this and do worship, then one of the staff share. Usually we spend the day with the brothers because that is where Brad is, how ever today we spent the afternoon with the sisters. (The brothers and sisters are together for classes and assemblies, but separate other than that). We had a delicious lunch (also prepared by the students) and then were able to hang out at the girls dormitory.
I have really connected with one girl in particular. Oh how I love her sweet face! What an amazing honor it is to be invited to be in someones life. To have someone want to share their secrets, happiness, and sadness with you. I felt honored. She has asked me to help her find the path to the Creator. (and oh how he is showing her!!) She is not even sure she believes there is a creator, but is wanting to explore the possibility. All I could think of was 'how fun is this, here I am, a small town prairie girl, helping this beautiful chinese girl find her path of wholeness and destiny'. Really, who would have ever thought.

I have been thinking of the line 'for the one' lately. Am I willing to lay down my life 'for the one'. Perhaps Father would bring me across the world for one, maybe two, maybe a hundred. I don't know. I have hopes and dreams, many of them spirit breathed I believe, but I have not lived that all out yet. But until those things do or do not come to fruition, will I be not only be satisfied with what I might think is small things, but see those as important as He does. How many people did He send in my path, planting seeds, watering seeds, helping me pull weeds, helping me along my journey. There was so many that he brought, too many to count really, and I see him bringing them around me still.

Today, I had a 'for the one' moment. And I tell you, if that is all I do in my time here, it was worth every small sacrifice I had to lay down to get here. Amen.


  1. I love your post - especially 'for the one' that you mentioned. We read about the good samaritan last night and spoke about being a 'good neighbor' and then were challenged to 'say yes' and be willing to step out and do some of the things that He's asking us to do. Through it all I realized how much closer I want to be to 'the one'!

    Just read your previous blog about your son's broken arm - ouch! Glad that it's healing well, and that you had an awesome hospital experience.

    Lots of love to you and your family!

  2. how sweet and beautiful you are--especially thru the ONE who is obviously walking beside you. love to youall-- d