Tuesday, March 30, 2010


the boys cleaning up the yard (that are is now a wonderful patio area)

Our last walk from the old house to the new

Feshya in her new room

Hello my few followers. It has been a long time. So much happening. So many pages I could fill with all the goings on. Could. But, today it today, and so we will go from here, kinda,

We are in!!! Finally, and as of tomorrow, completely. The last of our furniture will be hauled up the hill on trolley's tomorrow by the brothers. I made them some chocolate cookies. Hopefully that will soften their hearts towards me after doing yet another heavy haul. I really am so thank-ful for their help. I realize they don't really have a choice, but they mostly do it with smiles, and we certainly could not have done this with out them! It is a very interesting adventure to move without vehicles!
We have been in for just over a week now. I laughed the first couple of days as we all kept ending up in our bed hanging out together. It took some time for us to get adjusted to having space to 'stretch out' in. But, now, man oh man, does it feel good. And I mean really really good. I am overwhelmed with how blessed we are to be in this house. I will post pics soon.

Our very first weekend our home was filled with friends. Bethany House is a five minute walk from our house. Some friends from Hong Kong were staying there for the weekend. It was her birthday, so everyone came over for a little party. We had a potluck lunch, worship/prayer, and the beginnings of community together. Beautiful. I cried actually. To have my new home filled with laughter, love, spirit on the very first weekend was truly more than I could have hoped for!

Thanks Dad for the gifts you give!

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  1. I am SO GLAD you are in your house - finally! And I can't wait to see the pics. Despite the fact that you've been in Hong Kong for quite a while already, NOW your life can truly begin. Praying for you today!