Sunday, March 7, 2010

the most amazing girl I know

Once upon a time a child came into this world. Never before had there been one just like this and never again would there be one exactly the same. The Great Mystery of the Universe created this one special, his very own handy work.

When she was 10 her family moved across the ocean to a crazy strange new land.

She love the new adventure. She saw a beauty in many things that the rest of us would have just passed by. She brought a joy to the journey that would not have been there with out her.

But to go on this journey she had to say good-bye to many loved ones. She had to leave many comforts and familiarities behind. She had to leave everything she had ever known for the unknown.

This was hard.

Very hard.

Most days she smiles, but often under the smile is a sadness of the good-byes and left behinds.

Tonight this dear one cried in my arms. I cried.

Tonight I asked Abba Father to hold her in the deep places where I can not.

Tonight she asked Abby Daddy to heal her heart and bring her joy.

He spoke his words of hope and peace to her in a way I never could have.
He came and held her in the places she didn't know she needed holding. He showed her the truth of in our weakness he is made strong. He painted a picture of his love for her in a way only the artist of all artist could do.

Now I ask for peace and joy for her. I ask for help in trust for me. I choose to lean not on my own understanding, and to hang suspended in him.

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  1. Such a good blog - thanks for sharing - it's so hard when our children hurt, isn't it? Your daughter is amazing and is doing amazing things, your prayers with her were wonderful. I love how you taught her to go to Abby Daddy.

    Many blessings to you and your family!