Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Today is warm out side. It says 28, but with the fog, um I mean cloud cover, um I mean pollution, it doens't feel quite that warm.

We were doing school. It was going okay. Not bad, but we were all having a really really difficult time focusing. It was almost lunch time.

I was struck by the need to go for a run. Sometimes the kids play at the beach while I run, so I suggested that maybe we should all get out a bit, and then we would be able to focus better this afternoon.

Well, suddenly the thought of swimming was brought up and a flurry of activity happened while swimming attire was found, I got my running gear on, and BB's chain was found so he could come down to the beach as well.

All right off we go. The kids quickly and happily set off looking for crabs and snails, BB is glad to be getting some attention, and I head off for my run (after stopping a young couple from snapping numerous pictures of the kids playing in the water).

Oh it was sweet. Everyone was happy, everyone was getting some much needed space and fresh air.

Then, suddenly, I remembered.

I had locked us out of the house.

oh man oh man oh man.

And not this is not the first time.

Okay, we got in before we can do it again. Feshya was showing great faith that we would not problems figuring it out.

Once we get home, I find that the ladder has been locked inside the flat that is being renovated below us on the ground floor. So we pondered and pondered and pondered and pondered.
There simply had to be a way to get in. We had even left two windows wide open. I just didn't know how in the world we would get in. (we are on the second floor).

We figure out that if I could lift Ethan up to crawl over to the neighbors balcony (second floor right beside us), he can crawl over the railing, inch along the railing to our open window, and then crawl in the window.
Simple right. We will just call this the class on strategic critical thinking.......yah and Physical Education for the hoisting and crawling and pulling.

So he does it, no problems. We were all a little freaked out that he would fall down once or twice. (I was standing on a chair and holding his feet the entire time).

Brad has nick named Ethan 'x-games' because he is always trying crazy things and seems to have an elastic body that is almost pliable.

So, after we are all inside, Ethan says how everyone needs to be thank-ful that he is x-games because otherwise we would have been locked out forever.

Thank x-games!!!


  1. Sounds like you had a crazy day! Glad that you all are alright and managed to get in. I guess you would have had to wait for Brad to come home otherwise, or does he come home daily. Reminds of the time I had to crawl through the milk chute of our house as a teenager, it was a tight fit.

    Blessings to you and your family!