Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nothing but the cell phone

My last few days have been here, at home. Monday was my birthday and it was POURING outside (tail end of the storm that hit the Philippines and caused all the tragedy there), so we stayed home. A fellow teacher had invited us out for supper, so we headed out for the evening under the protection of our umbrella's. Just as the food was coming to the table, my dd suddenly felt sick and I rushed her home. Well, 'rushed' as in left the supper and slowly walked home hoping we wouldn't have an 'incident' on the walk home. We said our hallelujah's as we got safely home. We have been home bound since as she recuperates. (Hubby made it up to me by bringing home an amazing chocolate mouse cake and some Tiramisu from a local bakery...YUMMY!!!)

Brad has been taking the boys on outings to save all our sanity, and once every few hours I call him, just to make sure we are not alone in this world. Our place is nicely hidden away but after a few days I begin to feel more than a little isolated.
So, seeing as I don't really have any exciting events to tell you about, I will give you some pictures.

my new house.....

Meeting new furry friends and dreaming of getting her own....

enjoying a free ride thru town.......

local answer to a 911 call,,or 999 here.....

a shot of our walk to town.... haha get it 'shot' I have been alone for a few days.....


  1. I love the pictures - you have to post more!

  2. Awesome pictures, but I need to ask a question, what's with the dirt in the middle of the floor?

    Hope you and your family are starting to feel well. Much love and blessings to you.

  3. The dirt is the sand they were using to mixing the cement for parging the holes in the walls. The renovation is still in the early stages and we hope that it will only be a couple more months befor ewe can move in. Our current location is a little cramped for us.