Friday, September 25, 2009

Some times you gotta laugh.....

Today we are loving a home day. We were all exhausted from the last few days, and as we 'settle in' we are also letting us ourselves relax more and more. The school has officially told Brad to enjoy this time before the visa goes, because as Alman said "You will have years to work soon". This is actually hard to let ourselves do as we are so excited to throw ourselves into life with the organization, the reason we came. So we are learning to relax and enjoying ourselves. Yesterday as we were hanging out at the beach I suddenly burst out laughing.

We have been here for 3 weeks now. Just.....hangin as we sat there, eating our dim sum, being watched intently by the lifeguards and beach cleaners because there was no one else at the beach, I realized how this must look and what they might be thinking of us. I mean really, who can afford to fly around the world and just holiday for a few weeks. I know there are a lot of people who could afford to do that, but we are definitely most certainly NOT in that category. Yet, here we are, living on a foreign island, just relaxing.

For weeks, actually months before we came, I had been asking Abba Dad for a family holiday. I wanted a time for our family to just be together with out all the stress of planning, packing and such. I dreamt of living in a small place close to the ocean. I was feeling a little disappointed when it was time to go and we had not been able to get a way even for a bit.

But, he truly knows better than I, and gives us things in a much better form than I could ever have even asked for. Here I am, living in a small place right by the ocean.

As I listened to his voice yesterday I felt him stressing the importance of this time as a time of 'settling in' for our family. He certainly works differently for different people, and I am beginning to learn the lesson of not 'questioning the potter'. I am beginning to see that this waiting/resting time is perfectly in his plan. A few days ago I was bemoaning the fact that our visa has not gone thru yet,one of my children replied "Mom, Abba knows the perfect time and you need to trust him!!!!". Out of the mouth of babes!

For all this I am feeling thank-ful today!

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  1. Isn't He good? Once when we were on a trip across the country, we were planning on staying in Oregon on the way back for a few days rest by the sea. We needed the rest after the long drive, but we broke down in California, a brand new van and it broke down. Terry was really mad and went after their brand new van and warranty and we got a freebie to drive, so we had 5 days of sun, in warm water, apparently Oregon ocean is too cold to swim. It all worked out for the best! Seems like you're having your rest after all. Enjoy!