Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sleeping on the floor

Funny how things work out. We started to list things like our beds, couch etc just last week. We were trying to find the balance of listing them long enough to have time to sell, but not too long before. Well, with in days of listing our major furniture, everything sold, and everybody wanted it immediately. In fact, someone offered us more than we asked for our couch and chair set! So, this weekend we will have no table and chairs, no living room furniture, no beds except the bunk bed. We will all take turns rotating from the foamy on the floor, to the bunk bed. We laughed this morning as we realized how empty the house will be after this weekend. Should making cleaning easier I figure. And really, who cares



Just adds to the grand adventure. And as my hubby put it, the less stress we have for the last few weeks, the better. Yup, agreed.

So here goes to eating and sleeping on the floor for a few weeks.


  1. Ah, camping out on foamies, and picnics on the dining room floor for a couple of weeks! This is a great family adventure!

  2. That's so funny! It reminds me of when we put our house up fo sale, and it hadn't sold the fall before, but in May it sold in 2 days and the buyers wanted it in 2 weeks.... God's timing is awesome and I think He definitely has a sense of humour!