Thursday, August 6, 2009

Happy Birthday my Double digit girl

Today is my dear daughter's Birthday. Today she turn's 10. 10 it seems is very very big. She could hardly fall asleep last night as she was far to excited to FINALLY be 10. "Not all my friends are 10 already, but most of them" she informed me.

Oh my girl, you bring such life to this home. You keep us focused on the things that matter. You challenge us to see things in a new way. I love you for that! I love your heart to serve and bless others. I love your honesty about how your heart is feeling. You have been created with a strong will and I bless that as I know there will be a great purpose in that! So often I wish you would stay small, but, then I can hardly wait to see your life unfold! The choices you will make! I love you sweet heart! Happy Birthday my love!!!


  1. Feshya, you are beautiful. Happy Birthday!

  2. Ah, 10 - such a great age! Happy Birthday. Many blessings in the coming year, as you embark on your journey.