Thursday, August 6, 2009

Jumping off the deep end

Things are picking up pace in the Koop household. The duplex that we rent recently sold, and our rent was going to be going up significantly, also, the new land lord was needing a complete months notice given on the first of a month,, we gave our notice for Sept. 1. No, we still do not have a date, so as my hubby so aptly put it, there are times when we feel like we are diving into a pool but not feeling 100% sure that there is water in it. Hmmmmmmm, sounds like a perfect set up for some character building and sssssttttrechhhhing! It does feel awesome to be making substantial steps to getting us gone tho. We have already sold alot, and will be having our major, sell everything on August 15, so come one, come all, buy our stuff, all reasonable offers accepted.

Hubbby and I are both struggling with focusing on every day tasks. Hubby was going to be working till the 14, but it is looking like he will need to work until the 21 now. Those bills and expenses forgot to take a summer holiday this year. We both find that hard. We wish he could just be at home, and we could be packing and sorting together, but that is not how things are working out for us.
The kids are doing alright. They of course are feeling the loss of somethings already, and ask daily if we know when we are going yet. But it has been amazing to see them sharing our journey with friends and strangers. They love to tell people that we are moving to Hong Kong, and when people ask them why we are moving, the very very quickly reply 'God told us to'. Seeing people's reactions is fun, but it is priceless being able to watch my children's journey of thier trust in the Father being strengthened through this. They have all heard for themselves the call for us to go, and we couldn't be more thank-ful for that.

And are two pictures of the recent forest fires that have been burning in Kelowna, and making so smoky that for days on end, we can hardly see the mountains surrounding us.

Night view from the day it exploded for the second time (this was NOT taken from our front door)

The view of the smoke from our front door

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