Monday, July 27, 2009

Last minute check ups

The time has come to get the kids in for dentists and eye appointments and all that stuff. Yes I know, I could have been on this a few months ago, but those of you who really know me won't even bother reminding me of that. So 3 kids to the dentist, two were told
"my oh my, you have perfect teeth!!! You have been brushing them so well, and flossing too I can see". Well, they can't really see cause if they knew how often I forget to tell my kids to floss they would realize they didn't know.

Then the third. The whispering, the quiet number writing in obscure codes. The hmmmm, ahhhh, yes yes.
Then it comes. The talk with the mom. Much work, much needs fixing, much much money needs to be spent at the dentist. I mean, wow, that little itty bitty stuff of white that they put on kids teeth, must be rare or something or the amount of money it costs. Oh yah, and a tooth extraction, now doesn't that sound like fun. But the lucky little stinker won't remember a thing. It is called drugs. The legal kind. So now it is on to the specialist, and many phone calls to the insurance company, and, praying that we can get in before we go.

Yup, okay, maybe I shoulda done this a few months ago.


  1. Oh dear! I can relate . . . although at the time, there was free dental care for elementary school kids in Saskatchewan!

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